How it works

Los Rios Rock School students performing on stageWelcome to the most cutting-edge facility and music program in Orange County!

Here are some of the experiences our music students enjoy…

  • Weekly one-hour private lessons
  • Top of the line professional gear
  • Group rehearsals
  • Live Shows
  • Songwriting and recording
  • AP music theory courses and more…


To schedule a private tour call today at (949) 456-1081 or contact us below to receive additional information:


One full hour of private lessons includes working with individual instructors both in their office and in our state of the art live rehearsal rooms applying what they learned in a live practical environment (Every week students get to JAM with their instructor one on one).   All of our instructors are versed in Reed_keys_voxmultiple instruments.  Instruments that we teach include acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, voice, piano, organ, keyboard, saxophone, clarinet, flute, banjo, ukulele, and trumpet, theory, sight reading, song writing, and engineering/recording. Many students do combinations such as: vocals and songwriting, guitar and vocals,  guitar and drums,  etc.  Any style of “music” can be covered by our elite instructors including and not limited to:  rock, blues, folk, jazz, country, honkey tonk, rockabilly, blue grass, soul, etc.

Top of thBadcate line professional gear is what all students play on at Los Rios Rock School.  We are the only facility that lets our students use the best new and vintage gear in the business.  Our commitment to the best instruments and equipment includes an endorsement from famed custom guitar amp maker BadCat Tube Amplifiers ®.  Our facilities include an amazing five custom DW drum sets and handcrafted drums from local drum company Vessel.  To keep student and teachers ears safe we are also endorsed by global earplug maker Hearos®.

Group rehearsals take place weekly to ready our students for live shows.  Our amazing live rooms include three different on site studios with drums, guitar amps, bass amps, piano, organ and a professional PA system. Students get to play in groups with each other where they apply theiorangeroom_outsider private lessons to a practical live band environment and learn songs for the show.   There are currently over 10 live groups with 15-20 kids per group.  This live group environment encourages collaboration, creativity, inspiration to practice and interest to play to other instruments (many of our students play 3 or more instruments).  Since we have 100’s of students from over 30 different local schools, this program is second to none.

Live Shows are where everything comes together.   Several times per quarter (6-12 times a year) our students perform in their respective rock school bands LIVE for their friends and families. Venues are IMG_5259announced one month before the show and they frequently are sold out.  Student bands are put together by level of ability and advanced students can even audition for our classic album series (Albums include Led Zeppelin II,  Abbey Road and more). Our groups get to play out some of the top local venues including:  The House of Blues, The Coach House, Stillwater, The Lobby and more (fun fact: we are known for playing in the famed San Juan Capistrano Swallows day parade).

Songwriting and Recording Courses are another aspect that make our program unique.  Helping our students create original music is a large part of our console_traviscurriculum. Our two onsite recording studios are some of the best in the business (fun fact:  We have a full professional analog recording studio plus a secondary digital studio in house).  Our on staff recording Engineer/Instructor is second to none. Students learning their favorite cover songs is one thing, but putting something original into the world that hasn’t been here before is very important. Writing workshops are followed up by tracking sessions in the studio with our on site professional engineer and finish with producing a polished final product that can be listened to online by friends and family.  We have helped our students and teachers record and release their own original albums.  Once albums are released the bands are showcased live along with Orange County’s top local acts (such as The Gromble, The Christian Hernandez Rotation, Pedestrian and more).

AP Music Theory is equivalent to 1st-year, college-level harmony, counterpoint, and ear-training. Students will become well-versed in analysis, part-writing, sight-singing, and dictation through rigorous practice and regular assessment. As the AP Music Theory exam is geared primarily towards 10458007_10152397142193283_172415556057438746_nmusic of the classical genre, so will the content of this course. Practice AP Music Theory exams will be taken in the final weeks of the semester. Entrance to this course is dependent on an assessment of student’s knowledge of basic music fundamentals.

To schedule a private tour call today at (949) 456-1081