Piano, Voice, Trumpet, Songwriting, Recording/Production, and Performance

Sarah Newman is a musician now based in Orange County but originally from Portland, Oregon. She began playing piano when 5 years old, and she took classical piano lessons until she was 15. When Sarah was 12 years old, she started playing pop and worship music as she discovered her love for both of those genres. She also learned how to sing at that time which lead her to start playing piano and singing for her church. It was also at the age of 12 that she began playing trumpet. During high school, Sarah joined the jazz band on trumpet, and this sparked her passion for big band jazz, combo jazz, and jazz arranging and composition. She had her first experience arranging music for a small jazz combo she created with her friends that performed at local events. It was in high school that she decided to study and pursue music as a full-time career.

Sarah graduated from Biola University in 2021 with a degree in Commercial Music. There she studied songwriting and jazz/contemporary piano, as well as music production and composition. During her studies, she gained experience playing in pop and worship ensembles on piano, and jazz and classical ensembles on trumpet. Sarah has written and produced several original pop songs and has performed them with a full band. A goal of Sarah’s is to write and produce songs in the pop, rock, and jazz genres for other artists. Sarah hopes to share her knowledge and passion for music with young students and is excited to see them grow!

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