Testimonials for Los Rios Rock School

A Parent Email During the COVID Pandemic

Good Morning,
We were talking yesterday about how everyone has handled the shutdown, and wanted to thank you for still giving space for kids who like to perform and learn and grow. I have a few friends who have children in music and theater and they have told me their kids are very depressed from not being able to create and come together in person to play and perform with their peers. It is really great how you balanced it all and still ensured the kids could safely get together for growth as a community. 
So wanted to send you a quick thank you and let you know that I am sure it meant a lot to so many families and young people that you may not realize. Perhaps you helped many children avoid potential problems with depression from isolation. You are all doing very good things. So happy my boys were able to be a part of LRRS. I hope all is well with you both.
God Bless!

A letter to Los Rios Students, Faculty and Parents

I wish to thank you all for participating in our Charity Benefit this evening. Everyone involved met and exceeded expectations and we are grateful.

To the student performers.
Your talent, discipline and passion came through tonight. When The final was over and you exited the stage some of the worlds most successful artists were blown away. Not good – you were great. I hope you never forget this.
In addition you handled yourselves like true professions. I watched your interaction with the artists and I could see they loved talking with you all. You also recognized that connection and asked for photos at the right time. Well done. A lot beside playing is important with your future success.

Los Rios continues to teach all the things that will bring success for your students. In music or any future they hope for. The composure, confidence and humility you strive to focus on was recognized and helped all the student performers to not only deserve to be there for their talent but for their character as well. Thank you for committing to the practice and the intangibles that made these youngsters shine this evening.

You made a great with Los Rios Rock School. The value far exceeds what happens on stage. Thank you for allowing your kids to be with us and special thanks to all the moms. It was your day and you shared it with those you love.

Many thanks

Rob Max
Executive Director
Sweet Relief Musicians Fund
The Musicians Cancer Fund @SweetRelief


If any of you have children interested in rocking out, then this is the place for you! They provide a place where kids can learn and grow under the guidance of experienced musicians/teachers/mentors. I saw one of their performances at The Coach House and was really impressed with the entire production. The owner even had his little baby up on the stage which created a family friendly feeling. I wish there was something like this school around when I was younger. I recommended this school to my brother (his 13 year old daughter plays guitar) after seeing the show and how encouraging the staff is to the children. Gotta love a place that fosters self expression in a healthy way!

Marla W.

My son is 8, has Autism and goes to Los Rios Rock School.  It has been a life changing experience for him.  He loves to sing, is learning how to play the keyboard/piano as well as drums.  If you have a kid and they love music GO TO LOS RIOS ROCK SCHOOL NOW!  The kids are amazing with my son as are all of their parents.

Jody S.


My daughter is an advanced guitarist. Over the years we have worked with many fine instructors and participated in a wide variety of workshops, camps and opportunities. The Los Rios Rock School is second to none. It excels at providing young musicians with the complete rock experience including group play, recording and performance. In the South Orange County area, it is unique in this aspect. They offer guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, voice, theory and more. It is also a very safe place for children, operated by caring professionals who are attentive to the needs of their students and concerns of their parents. As the parent of a budding rock star, I am excited to be part of this amazing school.
Leailani Smith


My son attends LRRS and he absolutely loves it, and am excited about the platform and inspiration Tyler and his music school is giving my son. LRRS is a truly special place and a challenging environment to learn music. Teachers and students become like friends and sometimes almost like family. The new and improved studio is amazing. This is definitely the music school you should be sending your child to. Check it out!
Patricia Paulsenh


This is a fantastic place to get your kids started, motivated and involved in music. To be apart of something bigger than themselves. Being able to jam with other musicians is the only way to take your skill to the next level.
Paul L.


I’ve seen the schools rock band perform a bunch of times and they were awesome!!!! This school is a huge asset to Orange County and I know some of these students are going to do great things in the future!
Duke F

The Los Rios Rock School ROCKS! Our 12 year old son has learned so much from both the individual and group lesson approach that the school offers. We were looking for a school that encourages students to reach their next level of potential and provide an opportunity to work with fellow musicians to perform together. This school does just that in a nurturing and professional environment. Tyler is an amazing teacher that inspires and motivates our son in playing guitar and bass and also in vocals. It’s total rock band approach is something that you will not find at any other school. I highly recommend this school!

Karen Hankinson

My son attends Los Rios Rock School and loves it! His skills have improved as well as his confidence.

Sasha M.

My girls 8 and 11 years old love this place – Tyler is great with them – they are able to see what all the instruments in a band are like – how they work together and see what inspires them to learn more. They have taken a few other music lessons before (guitar and piano) but were not excited as they are now with the School of Rock. I hope my girls become inspired to learn more and more but even if they decide to stop – this is an amazing experience!

Anne H.

Our 13 year old son, who plays drums and a couple other instruments, is enrolled at Los Rios and loves it. Owner Tyler, a gifted and knowledgeable musician, is great with the students — very encouraging and enthusiastic, but he is a rocker through and through so he carries street cred with the kids. These kids get the opportunity to jam and work collaboratively with other student musicians in a creative, supportive and super-cool studio. If you have a musician in your midst, you’ll want to check out Los Rios.

Teri Williams

My daughter loved taking guitar lessons at this school. Their love of music and energy is infectious. The concert that the students put on blew me away. This is not your usual boring music lesson, these kids can rock! He knows how to push his students to reach their full potential in a nurturing and encouraging way. I highly recommend Los Rios Rock School.

Kristen O.

We couldn’t be happier with our son’s experience at Los Rios Rock School! Los Rios Rock School offers an incredibly unique opportunity for children who want to improve their musical abilities. It combines 1) enthusiastic, encouraging teachers who are each talented, performing musicians (often with advanced degrees in a musical field), 2) student-led song choices that inspire each child, and 3) real world live performance experience in sophisticated venues such as The House of Blues and the Coach House. Our sincere thanks to Tyler and the superb instructors for all their passion, hard work and dedication to our children!

Joanna W.

We have been a part of the LRRS family for over four years and both of our children have thoroughly enjoyed their experiences.  LRRS is a one-of-a-kind program that has enriched our children’s lives by growing their musical talents, teaching them confidence through participation in the live programs and increasing their overall appreciation for music.  LRRS has been particularly influential in the development of our son’s musical interest and talent which has led him to continue playing music at the Orange County School of the Arts and to create his own rock band that gives back to the community by playing at charity and non-profit events.  The best part of LRRS is that it continues to evolve and grow to meet the needs of the students.  The teachers are incredibly talented and each year there are new programs and opportunities available for the students to pursue.  We are very fortunate to have LRRS in our lives and in our community.

Chandos Q.

Our young family moved to Southern California from London two years ago. LRRS has welcomed us as part of their huge fun loving family. The kids and teachers have so much fun on stage it has to be the most enjoyable way to see the fruits of all the hard work that goes into the weekly lessons and weekend Jam sessions. This is more than an after school activity- it’s a big part of the kids development ; growth in self esteem and musical talent go hand in hand.

I wish I had had this opportunity as a kid- isn’t that always what we want as parents?

Thanks LRRS-not only for supporting my daughter but for continuously improving what you offer and consistently exceeding our expectations-that is value for money!

Kristen O.

My daughter loved taking guitar lessons at this school. Their love of music and energy is infectious. The concert that the students put on blew me away. This is not your usual boring music lesson, these kids can rock! He knows how to push his students to reach their full potential in a nurturing and encouraging way. I highly recommend Los Rios Rock School.

Kirsten B.

I think that LRRS is a great place to learn music and probably the best place to ever get lost in the sound. Being part of a band is like being part of the team and we never lose the race.

Its fun and when I go onstage I feel nervous but when I get into it I love that I am one of those people that I used to watch on stage. I just love it and have a great time.

Nina B. – Student

My daughter Bella has been attending Los Rios Rock School for approximately 3 years. Through their extremely talented and passionate staff she has developed as a vocalist and her confidence has improved dramatically. Los Rios Rock School does an excellent job of providing experiences that allow the child to grow and perfect their skills. Tyler and his team have become Bella’s second family and their support and dedication to their students is priceless.

Tracy S.

We cannot believe the impact the amazing instruction and live program at Los Rios has had on our son.  After just over a year in the program, he is playing with confidence and stage presence that I would not have thought possible in such a short period for a child his age.  And, we love the fact that his instructor is working with him on learning both guitar and bass….what a terrific experience this has been for him!

Larry R.

My son, Jake 14, has always wanted to play the drums.  We were very reluctant to get him drums.  Loud banging was not what we had in mind.  After talking to Tyler, he suggested we start Jake at Los Rios and see what he could do.  Jake has always had a way with beats, and really enjoyed tapping along to the music. We signed him up and low and behold, we have a very talented drummer! The teachers probe the students to see what they are passionate about.  They found out things about Jake that we didn’t know.  Jake has been drumming now for about two years, and he has a drum set in his room.  I have to say, it is quite impressive what he can do on the drums.  He is in the Live Shows as well and his confidence performing has skyrocketed! 

When Jake started, his younger sister Kennedy, 11, wanted to start singing as well.  She has a knack for rocking the stage.  I wanted to see her confidence grow, but didn’t realize she was such a natural on stage.  Kennedy has learned proper technique while singing, and uses her talents to gain parts in musical theatre.  Kennedy owns it every time she steps on stage.  She brings her energy to the crowd, and infects her band mates.  Both my children have been able to grow as musicians.  I don’t know if they would have been very successful at a traditional music school.  I think they needed the rock and roll vibe of Los Rios Rock School to bring out the rock stars in both of them!!!

Jill S.

My 13 year old daughter has been taking voice lessons at Los Rios for 4 years now. LRRS is not your typical music school and I believe that’s why she loves it so much. The difference is that she not only gets coached by very talented people, she has had the opportunity to showcase her voice in front of the public as the students actually perform live at public venues like concert halls and restaurants . It’s quite different from let’s say, a recital . It’s real and that’s what these kids are after… A true to life experience ! Bravo to Tyler and his staff of very experienced musicians!

Doris M.

I cannot say enough great things about “LRRS”. Our son did 4 years throughout high school. The camaraderie, the atmosphere, the teachers commitment – from my (parent) perspective this has been the absolute best experience for him. He focused on guitar and songwriting – but, most importantly learned to play together in a band at awesome venues like the Coach House and House of Blues Downtown Disney. Our son was part of the ‘live’ program which is absolutely awesome – weekly lessons AND then weekly rehearsals with other students – it’s a great atmosphere and good friends and camaraderie abound.

The location in SJC is perfect as it’s easy drop off for parents and plenty of parking for student drivers. There are other music centers that offer lessons, but no place offers the students the whole package and the experience that LRRS does. It’s truly a huge asset to the South OC area. If you have a child that wants to learn an instrument this is the place for them. They’ll have the time of their lives once they start performing with others! A great experience.

Margaret S.

Our son, Thomas (age 13) plays drums in the Advanced Live Red Group at LRRS. He joined LRRS early Feb. 2016, following a couple of years at Tustin School of Rock. We could see the difference between the schools from our first tour at LRRS.

LRRS’ Live Band groups place kids commensurate to their musical ability, where SOR Performance Groups mixed beginners with advanced students.

LRRS staff are formerly educated musicians, who enjoy teaching and display a welcoming, supportive attitude. That was not always the case with SOR. LRRS uses top level musical equipment and have a wonderful “campus” of studios. LRRS has been an outstanding change for us. Our son has made so many new friends at LRRS, and has started his own band with a guitar player from LRRS. Thomas truly looks forward to going to LRRS for rehearsals, practices and especially live shows! We recommend LRRS to families with musicians that are looking to take their abilities to a higher level!

Dan L.

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