Drums & Percussion

Students gain confidence as they transition from private lessons to group rehearsals. And eventually, they form their own bands.

As a result, students gain twice the knowledge and progress faster. They still receive professional instruction while also learning from their friends.

Our drum and percussion programs focus on all the great drummers, from Ringo Star and Dave Grohl to John Bonham and Neil Peart.

Guitar, Electric Guitar, & Bass Guitar

We teach acoustic, electric, and bass guitar. We use a variety of proven techniques to create a tailored, student-driven curriculum.

Students gain confidence as they transition from private lessons into group rehearsals. And eventually, in a live concert.


We use one-on-one coaching to help vocalists improve their skills, technique, and musicality.

They also work with a live band and full sound equipment as a regular part of their training. This teaches teamwork and builds confidence while they become better musicians.

Piano & Keyboards

Instead of the typical 30-45 minute lesson, our private lessons are a full 60 minutes. Our lessons are song-based so that students know and love the music they’re playing. Combined with our full-band experience, they also learn invaluable teamwork and communication skills.


One of the main struggles for budding songwriters is the actual completion of a song. Our songwriting program ensures that students can complete the entire songwriting process.

Writing. Pre-production. Recording. Mixing and Mastering. Everything gets done right here in one of our state-of-the-art studios.

But the true benefit to students is the experience of our staff. All of our staff are active performers, session musicians, and professional songwriters. Their work has been featured in hit TV programs, national ad campaigns, video games, Songwriting magazine, Guitar World magazine, and more.

Recording - Engineering & Producing

Students will get hands-on experience with professional recording equipment. They will also learn sound-recording principles and techniques.

Our program emphasizes a multi-track music recording process, music editing, and sound mixing. And they will take part in a variety of recording projects.

Orchestra & Band

Note: We currently only offer trumpet, clarinet, saxophone and snare drum /drumset.

Band/Orchestra students have a lot of fun while mastering their instruments. They will also grow in the fundamental elements of music performance.

Our teachers bring their years of education, teaching, and performance experience to the program. This translates into a richer experience for all students involved.

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