Los Rios Rock School Music Programs

Los Rios Rock School is a year round lesson and performance academy whose mission is creating extraordinary results in music through confidence, character and team building with kids aged 6 to 17 years old.  With an 8000 square foot state of the art music studios and unparalleled staff, over 200 students and families attend on average twice a week to study, socialize, rehearse and play music together.  

Los Rios Rock School performs 100 songs Live in Concert  at Orange County’s best concert venues and the unique part is the students pick every one of those songs!

Studies at Los Rios Rock School include the following: Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Piano, Keyboard, Bass, Trumpet, Songwriting, Music Production, Performance, Recording, College Prep, and a multitude of workshops.

The Los Rios Rock School Membership includes the following for all students:

One-on-One Instruction

Los Rios Rock School one hour private lessons are so immersive our students never want to leave! 

Using one of the seven live rehearsal labs and fourteen private rooms, the students get immersed in the actual experience of playing music with a pro, every lesson.

All instructors are professional multi-instrumentalists allowing them to pick up different instruments and play across from our students. There is always something going on with students learning their parts down in one of our eleven private lesson rooms or three live rooms.

Speaking the language of music with our professionals is one of the key staples to our program’s success.

Performance Based

There are two amazing group programs all members have access to at Los Rios Rock School!

The first being our world renowned Live Concert and Rehearsal Program where our players choose their own set lists and play 100 songs together per semester at the best concert venues in Orange County. Each student’s private instructor helps them prepare their audition video based on three levels of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

The second is our Open Jam group setting every Saturday where all players can experience the group setting with two Pro LRRS directors guiding the beginner and advanced players through songs of their choice as a band. No concert required!

Artist Development

Helping our students create and produce original music is a large part of the Los Rios Rock School curriculum.  It’s also why we hire professional artists and musicians.

With our recording studio and Grammy Award Winning Engineer on site, we give our students the opportunity to not only learn from the best, but to use the proper tools.

All LRRS professional instructors are relevant songwriters and mentors that take our creative program to the highest level while making sure the process remains fun and inspiring.