Los Rios Rock School is more than a music school. It’s an interactive, inspiring and fun environment that encourages kids to be creative through music. Because our teachers are actively performing and gigging musician, students will receive real life, hands on training.

Katin Burns,  Los Rios Rock School drum teacher.

Our drum and percussion programs focus on all the great drummers, from Ringo Starr and Dave Grohl, to John Bonham and Neil Peart. With the goal of creating an environment that’s both fun and encouraging, students will gain confidence as they transition from private lessons into group rehearsals, eventually forming their own bands. In this setting, students gain twice the knowledge and progress at a faster rate as they are continuing to receive professional instruction, as well as learn from their friends.

The big payoff is the concert style recitals showcased several times throughout the year. Held at premier music venues throughout Orange County, these expertly staged performances provide students with their first taste of rock stardom, complete with a live audience, lighting and stage technicians, and our own team of professional producers and engineers.

As students progress, they’ll also have the opportunity to record in our state-of-the art studios, as well as enhance their training with voice lessons, music theory and songwriting.

Our 13 year old son, who plays drums and a couple other instruments, is enrolled at Los Rios and loves it. Owner Tyler, a gifted and knowledgeable musician, is great with the students—very encouraging and enthusiastic. But he is a rocker through and through, so he carries street cred with the kids. These kids get the opportunity to jam and work collaboratively with other student musicians in a creative, supportive and super-cool studio. If you have a musician in your midst, you’ll want to check out Los Rios.

Leilani S.

As Orange County, California’s premier music learning center, Los Rios Rock School provides students with the unique experience of learning and training with professional musicians.

As current band members themselves, the Los Rios Rock School drum teachers are able to provide students with rare insider knowledge of the music industry.

Los Rios Rock School serves students at all levels, including those who are entirely new to drum lessons to those seeking to advance their professional careers. We instruct with only top-of-the-line instruments and equipment, allowing your child access to it all.

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