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Music Recording Department – Engineering and Producing

With the Los Rios Rock School programs, students gain exposure to sound-recording principles, techniques, and equipment. We emphasize a multi-track music recording process, music editing, and sound mixing.

Los Rios Rock School students gain hands-on experience with professional digital recording equipment and the class will participate in a variety of recording projects.

Course Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate ability to identify recording techniques, equipment, and processes orally, in writing, and through laboratory exercises.
  2. Compare and contrast specific equipment types related to application, brand differences, measurement differences, specifications, and tolerances.
  3. Compare and contrast specific acoustical environments and their relation to recording processes.
  4. Demonstrate basics of equipment care and preventative maintenance.
  5. Utilize studio equipment properly and effectively as required for class projects.
  6. Analyze pre-recorded material as to recording methods, balance, equalization, effects, and distortion.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Use a Digital Audio Workstation to record and edit audio.
  2. Demonstrate how to properly store microphones and microphone cables.
  3. Set up microphones for a variety of sources.
  4. Properly place microphones in preparation to record rock, jazz, and classical musical ensembles.