Unlike many local music schools or private instructors, we provide a full 60-minute private lesson each week as part of your monthly tuition. Many schools provide only 30 or 45 minutes of instruction, but we feel that a full hour is more beneficial to students. Our lessons are song-based and performance-based, which means that we begin teaching using music that your child or teen truly enjoys. Rather than starting off with nursery songs or scales, we get right to the good stuff. We find that our students are more motivated to practice when they quickly are able to play a favorite song.

Our expert instructors also are able to teach multiple instruments, so if your child is interested in something beyond piano lessons, we can split their lesson into two sections. For instance, you might spend half of your lesson practicing piano and keyboarding skills and the rest learning how to play clarinet, saxophone, drums or guitar. Many of our students also enjoy vocal instructions, so you might opt for a mix of piano and vocals.

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