While some kids long to rock a Fender telecaster or a Gibson Les Paul, some prefer the soothing sounds of the ukulele. At Los Rios Rock School, we offer fun and engaging Laguna Hills ukulele lessons as well as providing plenty of opportunities for students to show off those ukulele skills.

Weekly Lessons

At Los Rios Rock School, your monthly tuition includes a weekly, private lesson with an experienced instructor. Unlike some local music schools, our lessons aren’t the usual 30 or 45 minutes. We provide a full hour of instruction each week, which provides us with plenty of time to teach chords, rhythm and all the fundamentals.

Of course, we keep things interesting by teaching students to play using music they truly love. Too often, beginning students get discouraged because their practice tunes are dull nursery songs like “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” but we teach them using their favorite songs. This increases interest and students are far more likely to practice and progress if the music is meaningful to them. Within just a lesson or two, a student will be able to play a favorite song in its entirety.

Our instructors can teach using virtually any genre of music including pop, rock, country, folk, blues, Hawaiian and more. Additionally, if your child wishes to learn an additional instrument, we can split their weekly lesson in half, spending half of the time on ukulele and the other half on piano, vocals, clarinet, drums, guitar or whatever else they dig.

We are happy to take on students at any level, whether they’ve never even held a ukulele or they’ve been playing for several years. Our Laguna Hills ukulele lessons allow students to advance quickly at every level, from novice to advanced and beyond.

Live Performances

At Los Rios Rock School, we are all about the live performances. Concerts are held throughout the year, and these aren’t your typical music recitals. We put on authentic rock shows at some of Southern California’s top music venues, including the Coach House, the House of Blues, the Fonda Theatre and more.

To prepare for our concerts, we organize students into groups, based upon ability, and these groups meet weekly to plan out upcoming shows and practice with their band mates. Some shows feature a special theme while include a mix genres, and we often showcase original compositions written by Los Rios Rock School students. So, if your child is budding songwriter, they will have the opportunity to play, write, record and perform their own original songs.

Additional Classes & Workshops

Our Live Program is included in your monthly tuition along with those weekly Laguna Hills ukulele lessons, but we also have some additional classes and workshops that might interest your child or teen.

Our facility is stocked with the best professional and vintage gear, and the students can use it all, and we also have two professional recording studios, one of which was designed by a Grammy Award-winning producer. Through our Artist Program students can learn to create and produce their own original music. In fact, we’ve helped several students and student bands record their first albums.

For our advanced students, we also offer an AP Music Theory class. This course, led by an instructor with a Ph.D. in Music Composition prepares students for rigorous AP Music Theory exam.

When school’s out, we also offer several summer rock camps. During these weekly camps students enjoy a variety of workshops, games and other fun activities. Each camp week culminates with a live rock show on our private stage, The Lobby. We have several camps for beginning and advanced students, and one summer camp specifically for our advanced students.

If you would like to learn more about our ukulele lessons for Laguna Hills children and teenagers or our other programs, give us a call at any time and we will schedule a tour of our facilities. We are located just a few miles from Laguna Hills in downtown San Juan Capistrano at 32124 Paseo Adelanto.

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