A Different Kind of Guitar Lesson For Aliso Viejo Students

When kids and teens dream about playing a musical instrument, they dream about rocking out on a stage or performing with a symphony orchestra. They don’t dream about playing Hot Cross Buns over and over again in a stuffy classroom, but that’s often the common approach to music lessons. At Los Rios Rock School, we see things a little bit differently.

When you opt for guitar lessons for Aliso Viejo kids or teens, we provide instruction, but we provide song-based music instruction. Our goal is to get each student playing songs they love as soon as possible. Because they enjoy learning to play their favorite music, they are more enthusiastic learners and are soon anxious to learn more about music theory and really dig down deep with their music lessons.

Our tuition includes weekly, 60-minute guitar lessons for Aliso Viejo students as well as weekly band rehearsals. Students are organized into bands, practice set lists that they choose and then perform at live venues throughout Orange County. Our students perform live shows at the Coach House, the House of Blues and Stillwater to name a few. All of this is included in your tuition. Your child could be playing at a live rock show within just a few weeks of joining us, which truly boosts their confidence level as well as increasing their love for music and performing.

Each of our carefully screened instructors is an experienced musician in a working band. They love music, love performing and love passing their knowledge on to the students. They can teach virtually any instrument from guitar to drums to keyboards and piano. We also offer voice lessons and songwriting lessons.

You can even split the lesson and spend half of it on guitar and the other half on saxophone, clarinet, piano or another instrument. It all depends on what your teen or child is interested in learning. Students can learn using any genre of music, including rock, pop, heavy metal, country, bluegrass, blues, jazz, alternative, reggae or anything else they enjoy.

In addition to the weekly guitar lessons for Aliso Viejo teenagers and kids and the weekly band rehearsals, we offer a weekly songwriter’s group and several summer camps. Students also can learn how to use all of our top-of-the-line production and performance equipment.

Our facility is located in historic San Juan Capistrano, just minutes away from Aliso Viejo. We have students from all over Orange County, and are happy to provide you with a tour of our rock school or answer any questions you may have.

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