If your child longs to strum a ukulele like Eddie Vedder, Grace VanderWaal, Jake Shimabukuro, Vance Joy or perhaps Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, the team Los Rios Rock School can make this dream a reality. We provide fun and engaging ukulele lessons for Ladera Ranch kids and teenagers.

The Lessons

The monthly tuition includes private, weekly Ladera Ranch ukulele lessons, and our lessons aren’t the usual 30 minutes or even 45 minutes. We believe that a 60-minute lesson provides us with the amount of time necessary to truly work with the student and improve skills.

And, we don’t teach using boring old nursery songs or bland beginner tunes. We teach students using the music that they love. Whether they love Hawaiian tunes and the old surf music of the 1960s or dig classic rock, we can teach them to play the ukulele using virtually any genre of music, including pop, rock, blues, country, folk and more.

Within just a lesson or two, each student is able to play a favorite song in its entirety. We find that using music students love increases enthusiasm for the learning process and students practice more when they are playing music they truly enjoy.

Additionally, if a student wants to learn more than one instrument or perhaps take in some vocal instruction, we can accommodate that. Students are welcome to split their lesson and spend half the time on ukulele and the other half on voice, drums, guitar, clarinet, piano or whatever else sparks their interest. But, that’s just the start . . .

The Live Performances

We find that when students get up an perform together as a group, they gain musical proficiency much faster. Anyway, after you’ve spent some time honing those ukulele skills, don’t you deserve a chance to show them off? We certainly think so, which is why your monthly tuition also includes participation in our unique Live Program.

For this program, we organize students into group, based upon ability, and they develop set lists for upcoming rock shows and practice during weekly jam sessions. Our rock shows are held throughout the year at top local music venues such as the Coach House and the House of Blues.

Some shows include a mix of songs and styles, including original pieces created by Los Rios Rock School students. Other shows feature an original theme, such as our Halloween and Christmas concerts, which were created entirely by the students. Our most advanced students can audition for the Classic Album Series. During these concerts, students perform an entire classic album, such as The Beatles’ Abbey Road, the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and Queen’s A Day At The Races.

The Artist Program

Our instructors are all artists who have been or currently are members of working bands, and they can share their vast knowledge with students that wish to make music their career. Through our Artist Program, we can help budding songwriters and producers hone their craft.

We offer songwriting and production classes, and our facility boasts two professional recording studios, one of which was designed by a Grammy Award-winning producer. We also have an in-house engineer and have helped several student bands record their own original music.

Summer Camps

Our awesome summer camps can be a great way to get started with Los Rios Rock School. We offer several weeklong camps for beginning and intermediate musicians, as well as one rock camp for our advanced students. During each week, students participate in fun workshops, play games and plan a live rock show which is performed on the last day of camp on our private stage, The Lobby.

At Los Rios Rock School, we provide much more than basic Ladera Ranch ukulele lessons, we provide a complete musical experience for each student. Our goal is to make every student feel welcome and included, and our students forge lasting friendships. In fact, many students arrive early or stay late after lessons just to hang out with friends. We have Wi-Fi and places where students can do homework or just chill.

If you’ve been searching for Ladera Ranch ukulele lessons for your child or teen, but haven’t yet found the perfect fit, give us a call at Los Rios Rock School. We are located just a few miles from Ladera Ranch in downtown San Juan Capistrano. Call us and we’ll answer any questions you might have, and we can set up a tour of facility.

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