Piano Lessons For Rancho Santa Margarita Students With A Twist

Research shows that kids and teens that learn to play an instrument tend to have more successful academic careers and that music lessons also can improve your coordination and ability to concentrate. Sadly, many kids lose interest in music lessons after just a few months, but at Los Rios Rock School, we aim to change that by providing exciting performance-based piano lessons for Rancho Santa Margarita teens and children.

If you are searching for fun Rancho Santa Margarita piano lessons, Los Rios Rock School might be a perfect match. Not only do our students learn to play the piano using music they truly love, they also get to showcase their skills during live rock shows at top venues such as Stillwater, the Coach House, the House of Blues and our own main stage, The Lobby.

Your monthly tuition for Rancho Santa Margarita piano lessons includes a private, one-hour lesson each week with one of our professional instructors. In addition, we organize students into groups and they work with the instructors to create set lists for our live shows, rehearsing their songs each week. The private lesson, the weekly group rehearsals and the live performances are all included in our monthly fees.

We have several instructors that specialize in providing piano lessons for Rancho Santa Margarita teens and kids. Each of our instructors is versed in multiple instruments, which means that students can either focus on piano or perhaps enjoy a combination lesson. We have students that do combinations such as piano and vocal instruction, piano and drums or perhaps piano and clarinet. Aside from piano, organ and keyboards, we can teach virtually any instrument or skill including drums, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, saxophone, flute, trumpet, clarinet, vocal instruction, sight reading, songwriting and more.

During our piano lessons for Rancho Santa Margarita teens and kids, the students learn using songs they love. Our song-based and performance-based method of teaching has them playing their favorite music in no time at all. We can teach using almost any genre of music, including classical, rock, pop, country, bluegrass, jazz, rockabilly, R&B or whatever else your child loves.

Once your child or teen is ready for live performances, we will assign them to a group and they will get started with weekly group rehearsals. We plan around 6 to 12 performances per year. Some performances include a wide variety of songs from many different artists, while other shows feature a special theme, such as our Classic Album Series. For this series, advanced students learn and perform all of the songs from some of the most highly acclaimed rock albums, such as Abbey Road and Led Zeppelin II.

In addition to the Rancho Santa Margarita piano lessons, group rehearsals and live shows, we offer several other classes as well as summer camps. Our specialized classes include songwriting classes and workshops and music production classes. We have a full, professional analog recording studio in house and have helped students and instructors record their own original albums.

For highly advanced musicians, we also offer an AP Music Theory class. This class, which prepares students for the rigors of the AP Music Theory exam, is led by an instructor with a Ph.D. in music composition.

If it sounds like Los Rios Rock School might be a good fit for your child or teen, give us a call and we can schedule a tour of our state-of-the-art facilities. We provide piano lessons for Rancho Santa Margarita kids and teens as well as student throughout South Orange County. We are located in historic San Juan Capistrano at 32124 Paseo Adelanto.

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