Coy Wilson


Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Keys, Songwriting, Production

Coy Wilson

Coy Wilson is a multi-talented musician and instructor specializing in guitar, bass, vocals, songwriting, drums, keys, and production. His journey in music began at the age of seven when he received his first guitar, igniting an enduring passion for music.

As a dedicated student, Coy enrolled at Los Rios Rock School, where he honed his skills under the guidance of renowned instructors. He received guitar lessons from Justin Norman, vocal coaching from Chariya Bissonette, and delved into the world of music production under the mentorship of Phil Allen. During this transformative period, Coy not only developed proficiency across various instruments but also deepened his understanding of music theory and live performance.

Coy’s artistic journey also led him to discover a profound love for songwriting and other creative mediums. He has composed and performed songs with various bands across Southern California, showcasing his versatility as a musician.

Coy is not only passionate about creating music but is also excited about passing on his knowledge and experience students of Los Rios Rock School. He looks forward to inspiring and nurturing the next generation of musicians and artists.

As a committed artist, Coy Wilson continues to create captivating music and art, with plans to release more self-produced and written music in the near future.

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