Jono Evans


Vocals, Guitar, Bass 

Born in Sydney, Australia and raised in Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong and California.

Jono began playing guitar at the age of 10 years old and started playing live music just before moving out to California in 2007, aged 15 years. From 2008 onwards Jono was playing hardcore (‘Sirens’) and punk (‘Similar Skin’) and has continued to fill in for bands in need of a guitarist and or vocalist in R&B, Rap, Rock, Jazz and more.

He studied music theory and performance in the Saddleback Music program and also undertook vocal tuition with an international opera singer. Jono and his family started a cover band named Good Company playing rock and more throughout the decades. Good Company have played all over Southern California at venues, private events, weddings and more. Sleep Experiment was the debut original band that Jono fronted on vocals and guitar, playing in venues in Orange County and L.A.

As Sleep Experiment has disbanded, Jono is now working hard to bring his new band back on the scene after the Covid pandemic with new music and a revitalized band, alongside his brother Gregory on drums and local rising star Grace Freeman on bass.

While he is working towards recording and playing live music to the masses, Jono has been teaching private lessons and loves to see his students perform well and grow into mature musicians.

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