Michael Heinsen


Drums, Guitar, and Bass Guitar

Michael Heinsen

Born and raised in Southern California, music has been an integral part of Michael’s life since the beginning. His love for drums was cemented at age 2 when he was given his first set of drumsticks and a practice pad. At age 6 he got his first drum kit, and by the time he was 9 he had also developed a deep interest in bass and guitar.

Since then, he has continued the pursuit of this passion, performing in various ensembles ranging from symphonic bands, worship groups, marching band, indoor drumline, commercial music, and indie and metal bands. His understanding and appreciation of music is further enriched through exposure to different types of music than what he typically listens to, as well as forming relationships with fellow musicians and delving into their interests with them.

It has been his life-long goal to both help people and to make music. He hopes to inspire others with his passion for the craft, and is eager to provide knowledge and advice to help equip others with the necessary tools to succeed and thrive in the music industry.

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