Nico Saavedra


Drums, Guitar, Live Performance, Production

Nico is originally from Santiago, Chile and moved to Southern California in the late 90s at age 18.

His journey as a musician began with his love for bands like Judas Priest, Queen and Deep Purple around age 8, quoting “their musical power” as the reason for him to start learning drums on his own in his early teens and later on guitar.

He has a rich history performing hundreds of shows as a live drummer for a variety of artists small and big + local and international, working production of live events with some of the biggest names in the Latin Rock scene, being nominated for major awards, producing and releasing albums independently, and overall being involved in different music scenes.

In addition, Nico loves his cat, teaches Mathematics (from Elementary and College level courses) and runs, produces, directs his very own Nintendo heavy metal band called Super MadNES which performs and tours at various gaming events as well as festivals in the country showcasing his unique love for retro video games and all things 80s.

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