3 Reasons Why Aliso Viejo Vocal Lessons Are A Great Idea

If you’ve notice that your child loves to sing and has some vocal flair, searching for vocal lessons in Aliso Viejo can be a fantastic option. Here are five reasons why we believe voice lessons can be a great idea.

1. Vocal Lessons Inspire Confidence

While some children and teenagers are naturally bursting with confidence, this certainly is not true of everyone. At Los Rios Rock School, our vocal lessons for Aliso Viejo kids and teens can truly help boost confidence. We teach using a performance-based method, which means that in addition to learning scales and vocal exercises, we put the kids up on stage for live rock shows. Participating in these shows is a true confidence booster, and you will be amazed watching your child perform at local venues such as the House of Blues or the Coach House.

2. Music Students Do Well In School

Countless studies have shown that kids and teens that participate in music programs enjoy higher test scores and have an improved ability to concentrate on schoolwork and other tasks. It doesn’t seem to matter if they play an instrument or simply take vocal lessons, exposure to music is key. At Los Rios Rock School, students are exposed to many different types of music, and they learn a bit about music theory along the way.

3. Music Improves Socialization

Is your child a little shy or perhaps seems to have a bit of trouble in social settings? Many kids and teens are not natural social butterflies, and one of the best ways to get introverted children out of their shell is to surround them with like-minded people. If your child loves singing or music, vocal lessons in Aliso Viejo can be a perfect fit.

At Los Rios Rock School, our students form strong friendships and bonds, and everyone is accepted just as they are, which can be big relief for those who feel as though they don’t “fit in” at school. Many of our students arrive early and stay late just to hang out with fellow students. We strive to always provide a fun, relaxing environment where everyone feels welcome. Of course, if your child is that social butterfly, Los Rios Rock School is a perfect environment where they can express themselves through music.

Our Program

Your monthly tuition includes a weekly, 60-minute private vocal lesson. During this lesson, vocal students will learn proper vocal technique, how to expand their vocal range and how to improve tone as well as working on performance skills. We teach students using music they love, using songs from whatever genre your teen or child prefers. This includes rock, pop, jazz, country, bluegrass, show tunes, standards, R&B and more.

vocal lessons for Aliso Viejo

Students also are welcome to split their lesson and spend half of the lesson working on vocal skills and the other half practicing an instrument. Our instructors can teach just about any instrument, including all types of guitar, ukulele, piano & keyboards, drums, sax, clarinet and so on.

Tuition also includes participation in our unique Live Program. For this program, we divide up the students based upon ability and form them into groups. These groups work with instructors to plan out set lists for our live shows, which are performed six to 12 times per year at venues such as the House of Blues, Stillwater, the Coach House and our private stage, The Lobby.

Some of our shows feature a special theme, while others include a wide range of styles and songs. There are plenty of opportunities for our budding singers to enjoy solos as well as singing backup. During a single show, most students will have the opportunity to perform several times if they wish. In addition, the kids have a fantastic time hanging out backstage in between numbers or watching their fellow students perform.

If you need Aliso Viejo vocal lessons and want to learn more about our programs here at Los Rios Rock School, don’t hesitate to give us a call and set up a tour. We are located just minutes from Aliso Viejo in historic San Juan Capistrano.

Los Rios Rock School also has drum lessons for Aliso Viejo, music camp for Aliso Viejo, music lessons for Aliso Viejo and rock school for Aliso Viejo. Find out more today!

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