Capistrano Beach Drum Lessons & Rock School

The world of percussion can be an exciting one, and if your child seems to enjoy tapping to the beat, then drum lessons might be something to consider. If you need Capistrano Beach drum lessons, consider Los Rios Rock School. We offer drum lessons for Capistrano Beach students and a whole lot more.

drum lessons for Capistrano Beach

Your monthly tuition includes a full, one-hour lesson each week as well as a true rock band experience! We also have plenty of jam sessions where kids and teens get together to make music, even creating and recording their own original compositions. Beyond that, student bands are formed and they perform at live venues such as Stillwater, The Coach House, The House of Blues and more.

Our drummers practice, learn and perform using only top-of-the-line professional equipment — handmade DW Collectors Series drum sets. DW drums are among the best in the music industry and used by drum legends such as Rush’s Neil Peart and Nirvana/Foo Fighter drummer Dave Grohl.

Capistrano Beach drum lessons are available at Los Rios Rock School, but your child also can learn virtually any other instrument they love. They can split their 60-minute lesson into two parts, such as 30 minutes of drums and 30 minutes of piano. We also offer songwriting lessons, production workshops and vocal lessons. Our highly skilled, carefully screened instructors all are in working bands that have produced albums and have plenty of experience with live performances.

We also have the best, state-of-the-art state equipment and the kids can learn how to use everything. Your child or teen can learn to play an instrument, set up and perform at a live show, write their own songs and produce music. We also offer a fun-filled summer rock camp!

Call us today for a tour of our facilities. We are located just minutes from Capistrano Beach in the Los Rios Historic District in San Juan Capistrano.

Los Rios Rock School also has music lessons for Capistrano Beach, piano lessons for Capistrano Beach, vocal lessons for Capistrano Beach and rock school for Capistrano Beach. Find out more today!

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