The Rock School For Capistrano Beach Students

There are days when regular school can seem a little bit humdrum, but the work is never dull at our Capistrano Beach Rock School. At Los Rios Rock School, we offer our students the chance to not only play an instrument but also to display their skills in live rock shows throughout the year.

Unlike many music schools, we teach using performance-based lessons. That means our Capistrano Beach Rock School students learn how to play their favorite songs quickly rather than focusing on drills, exercises and simple songs. By using music kids and teens truly love, we find that they learn more quickly and are more motivated to practice.

Your Capistrano Beach Rock School monthly tuition includes a weekly 60-minute lesson with a professional instructor. Each of our carefully screened instructors is in a working band that has produced albums and performed at a variety of live shows. They are able to teach your child to play guitar, drums, piano, saxophone or any other instrument using any genre of music your child or teen enjoys. This includes rock, pop, punk, classical, country, bluegrass, jazz and much more.

Capistrano Beach Rock School

We also offer vocal lessons for those who wish to strengthen and refine their singing skills. Students also have the opportunity to split their weekly lesson into two sections. They might spend half of a lesson on keyboards and then enjoy a drum lesson for the other half. Perhaps your child will want to split a lesson between vocal lessons and flute, or guitar and violin, it’s up to them.

Our tuition includes more than just your weekly lesson. It also includes participation in live rock shows at venues such as Stillwater, the House of Blues and the Coach House. We also host live performances at our state-of-the-art music school. Once a student has progressed to a certain point, they are organized in a band group and rehearse during weekly jam sessions. The weekly lesson, rehearsals and the shows are all included in your monthly fees.

But there’s more! At our Capistrano Beach Rock School, we also offer specialized classes and summer camps. Our Song Summit classes provide students with the opportunity to write and produce their own original songs as well as gain knowledge about basic music theory. For more advanced students, we also offer an AP Music Theory class taught by a professional musician with a Ph.D. in Music Composition.

If our rock school for Capistrano Beach students seems like something your teen or child would enjoy, call us today and set up a tour. We are located just a few minutes from Capo Beach in downtown San Juan Capistrano at 32124 Paseo Adelanto.

Los Rios Rock School also has music lessons for Capistrano Beach, drum lessons for Capistrano Beach, piano lessons for Capistrano Beach and vocal lessons for Capistrano Beach. Find out more today!

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