Guitar Lessons In San Clemente: The Rock School Option

Did you know that children who take music lessons tend to score higher on reading, vocabulary and math tests? While instilling a lifelong love of music is our main goal at Los Rios Rock School, it doesn’t hurt that music education also benefits children academically.

It also doesn’t seem to matter what instrument a child plays, the positive benefits remain the same. So if your child has been eyeing the guitar and you are searching for guitar lessons in San Clemente, Los Rios Rock School might be a fantastic option for your child or teen.

At Los Rios Rock School, we offer guitar lessons for San Clemente students plus a whole lot more. Your monthly tuition will include a full, 60-minute weekly lesson as well as an authentic rock band experience. Each student has the option of joining student bands, practicing during weekly jam sessions and then performing at popular venues such as Stillwater, the Coach House and the House of Blues. We also hold live rock shows at our state-of-the-art facility.

guitar lessons in San Clemente

You can opt for electric guitar lessons in San Clemente or perhaps acoustic guitar or even bass guitar. You also can split your 60-minute weekly instruction time into two parts. Perhaps your child wishes to learn guitar and clarinet or maybe guitar and piano. We can teach virtually any instrument, as well teaching music theory, songwriting, production and we offer vocal lessons.

Our carefully screened instructors are all professional musicians with a wide range of musical knowledge. Not only can your child or teen learn any instrument, we also can teach them using music that they truly love. This includes rock, pop, bluegrass, country, R&B, classical, rockabilly, blues or whatever they enjoy.

If you are searching around for guitar lessons in San Clemente, contact us today at the rock school. We are located in downtown San Juan Capistrano, just minutes away from San Clemente. Children and teenagers of all ages are welcome, so book a tour of our facilities and see what rock school is all about.

Los Rios Rock School also has drum lessons for San Clemente, music lessons for San Clemente, piano lessons for San Clemente, vocal lessons for San Clemente, rock school for San Clemente and music camp for San Clemente. Find out more today!

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