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When kids think about playing a musical instrument, they don’t dream of the day they can play scales or “Mary Had A Little Lamb.” They dream of playing the songs they hear on the radio and perhaps performing those songs in front of an audience. This is why at Los Rios Rock School; we teach San Clemente rock school students to play using their favorite music.

Our performance-based approach to music lessons is highly motivating. In just a few lessons, a San Clemente rock school student with no previous musical experience can be rocking out and playing a favorite song. This approach inspires kids to practice, which helps them progress more quickly.

San Clemente rock school

While our tuition includes a private, 60-minute weekly lesson, we don’t just teach San Clemente rock school students to play an instrument; we put them up on stage at live rock shows. Our shows, held 6 to 12 times per year, are held at top venues such as Stillwater, the House of Blues and the Coach House. The lessons and live the shows are both included in the monthly fee.

Our expert instructors can teach virtually any instrument including all types of guitars, drums, organ, piano, keyboards, saxophone, clarinet and much more. Of course, we also offer voice lessons as well as songwriting and music theory instruction. Students can split a lesson into two halves, as well. For instance, your San Clemente rock school student might spend 30 minutes on acoustic guitar and 30 minutes on drums or maybe spend half the lesson on clarinet and the rest on vocal instruction. In addition to providing expert instruction, our state-of-the-art facility is stocked with the finest professional-quality new and vintage gear and the kids can use it all!

The instructors can teach using virtually any genre of music that you child or teen loves. This includes rock and pop as well as jazz, bluegrass, reggae, classic rock, R&B, Latin, rockabilly and much, much more. At our rock school for San Clemente kids and teens, we want students to play music that inspires and excites them.

Once a San Clemente rock school student becomes comfortable and proficient with an instrument, we assign them to one of our student groups. These groups get together for a weekly jam session where they create set lists and practice for upcoming live shows. During some of our shows, a wide variety of musical styles are showcased, while some shows focus on a specific theme.

For instance, our advanced San Clemente rock school students might participate in our classic album series. During these live shows, the students perform all of the songs from a classic album such as Abbey Road or Led Zeppelin II. Additionally, students often perform their own original songs during our live shows, and helping kids write, arrange and produce their own music is another one of our priorities at Los Rios Rock School.

In addition to the lessons, weekly jam sessions and live shows included in our tuition, we also offer several other classes. We offer songwriting and recording courses and our facility boasts two onsite recording studios, a full professional analog recording studio and a secondary digital studio. For advanced San Clemente school rock students, we also offer an AP Music Theory course led by an instructor with a Ph.D. in music composition.

To learn more about our facility, contact us today and we can schedule a tour. We are located just a few miles from San Clemente in historic San Juan Capistrano at 32124 Paseo Adelanto.

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