Laguna Beach Drum Lessons For Children & Teens

Does your child love the idea of playing the drums in a real live rock band? At Los Rios Rock School, we can make those dreams come true. If you need Laguna Beach drum lessons, consider our unique approach to music education.

Los Rios Rock School is a bit different from a traditional music school. Our monthly tuition covers more than just a weekly, 60-minute lesson. The kids form bands, rehearse and then play live shows at top venues including The House of Blues, Stillwater, The Coach House and more. All of this, from the lessons to the rehearsals to the live shows is included in the tuition.

If you need Laguna Beach drum lessons, we offer lessons using only the best possible equipment. The students practice and perform on DW Collectors Series drum sets. Famed drummers such as Scott Travis of Judas Priest, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd and Neil Peart of Rush all use DW drums. In addition to our drums, the rest of our equipment is top-of-the-line and the kids get to use it all. They will learn first-hand what it’s like to be in a real, working band.

Laguna Beach drum lessons

If your child is interested in drums as well as another instrument, such as guitar, piano, saxophone or something else, they can split their 60-minute weekly lesson into two parts or alternate lesson to lesson. In addition to teaching just about every instrument, including drums, guitar, piano, keyboards, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, etc., we also offer vocal lessons and you can enjoy a half-hour of voice along with a half-hour of another instrument if you wish.

Our instructors all are screened carefully and each one is currently in a working band that has produced or is producing albums. Your child or teen also can learn to play using the type of music they truly love. We can teach using just about any genre of music, including pop, rock, country, classical, bluegrass, R&B or a mix of styles.

If you’ve been searching for Laguna Beach drum lessons, contact us at Los Rios Rock School and set up an appointment. We can take you on a tour of our facilities, which are located just a few miles from Laguna Beach in the Los Rios Historic District of San Juan Capistrano.

Los Rios Rock School also has rock school for Laguna Beach, guitar lessons for Laguna Beach, music lessons for Laguna Beach and piano lessons for Laguna Beach. Find out more today!

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