There are countless studies that link music lessons with better performance in school and learning how to play an instrument also has been shown to decrease stress levels. Sadly, though, students often become quickly disillusioned by these lessons, as they tend to be rather dull and uninspiring. That’s where we come in. As Los Rios Rock School, we offer Laguna Beach piano lessons that truly keep kids motivated and engaged. Here’s a quick look at our program.

Our Piano Lessons
For those who want Laguna Beach piano lessons, our monthly tuition includes a weekly, private 60-minute lesson with one of our professional instructors. Unlike many other music schools, which might provide only 30 or 45-minute lessons, we believe a full hour provides us with enough time to truly connect with the student help them succeed.

In addition, we can split a lesson into two halves. So, if you are interested in both Laguna Beach piano lessons as well as lessons for another instrument or perhaps vocal lessons, we can spend half of the time learning piano skills and the rest working on voice, drums, guitar, clarinet, saxophone or something else.

Our lesson format is unique, as well. We teach using a song-based and performance-based approach. Within just a few lessons, your child will be able to play a song they love from beginning to end. We teach the students using music they enjoy, which greatly boosts enthusiasm, not only for lessons, but also for practicing what they’ve learned. Too often, beginning students are given dull standards and nursery songs to practice, and enthusiasm for the learning process wanes quickly. However, if a student actually enjoys the music they play, practice time seems more like a fun activity than a chore. And, once they’ve honed those piano skills, we provide plenty of opportunities to show off their prowess.

Performance Opportunities
Your monthly tuition also includes participation in our unique Live Program. Students are organized into groups, based upon ability levels, practice set lists during weekly practice sessions and then perform live at some of Southern California’s top rock venues, such as the House of Blues, the Fonda Theater, the Coach House, Stillwater and various music festivals.

During the shows, the students provide virtually all of the instrumentation and vocals. Some shows include a mix of song styles and artists (sometimes students even perform their own original songs); while other shows include a special theme. Our advanced students can audition for our Class Album Series concerts, in which a classic rock or pop album is performed in its entirety. We covered a variety of albums from artists such as Van Halen, the Beatles, Queen, Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac and more.

Laguna Beach piano lessons

Beyond The Lessons
In addition to the piano lessons for Laguna Beach kids and teens and the many live performances, we also offer some special classes. For instance, if your child or teen is interested in writing their own original music or perhaps interested in producing music, we have workshops and classes available. Our facility is equipped with two professional recording studios, one of which was designed by a Grammy-winning producer.

As an accredited music school, we also offer an AP Music Theory class, which is led by our Director of Curriculum, who holds a Ph.D. in Music Composition. During this course, students will learn all they need in order to pass the AP Music Theory exam.

If you are searching for fun summer activities as well as piano lessons for Laguna Beach kids, we also host summer rock camps, and these weekly camps include songwriting workshops, jam sessions, games and much more. At the end of each camp week, the kids put on an amazing live show on our private stage, The Lobby. We offer camps specifically for our advanced musicians, as well as camps for beginning and intermediate-level musicians.

If you are searching for exciting Laguna Beach piano lessons, and you think Los Rios Rock School may be a great fit for your child or teen, give us a call at any time. We are located just off the I-5 in downtown San Juan Capistrano, and we can arrange a tour of our state-of-the-art facilities and answer any questions you might have about lessons and our live performances.

Los Rios Rock School also has rock school for Laguna Beach, guitar lessons for Laguna Beach, drum lessons for Laguna Beach and music lessons for Laguna Beach. Find out more today!

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