Our Unique Rock School For Laguna Hills Music Students

For many students, the route of traditional music lessons simply isn’t for them. Fortunately, our rock school for Laguna Hills kids and teens is as far from traditional as you can get. Students at Los Rios Rock School learn to play instruments using music they love and then perform at live rock shows and it’s all included in your tuition.

Our approach to teaching music is different from what you probably experienced as a kid and quite different from the approach seen at most schools. Within just a few lessons, Laguna Hills rock school students will be able to pick up a new instrument and play a song they truly love. At Los Rios Rock School, we teach using a song-based and performance-based approach that truly gets students excited about music and learning.

The monthly tuition at our rock school for Laguna Hills students includes a weekly, hour-long private music lesson with an experienced instructor. Most schools or independent instructors provide only 30 to 45 minutes of instruction per week, but with a full hour of lessons, students progress much more quickly.

During lessons, students choose songs from whatever genre or genres they love. We can teach using rock, bluegrass, pop, punk, R&B, country, metal or any other genre. We also can teach virtually any instrument from accordions to zithers. While our main focus is one typical rock instrument such as all types of guitars, piano, keyboards and drums, the students can try out just about anything. If they want to play the banjo or the ukulele or a more traditional instrument such as saxophone or clarinet, we can help.

rock school for Laguna Hills

Laguna Hills rock school students also can split up their lesson and spend half of the lesson practicing one instrument and the other half working on something else. For instance, a student might want to spend 30 minutes on piano and 30 minutes on vocal instruction. It all depends on what your child or teen wishes to learn.

The tuition also includes our unique rock band experience. Once a student has progressed to a certain point, we place them with a group of fellow students and they rehearse a set list during our weekly jam sessions. These jam sessions are in addition to your weekly, hour-long lesson and it all leads up to the big event – the live show!

Our Laguna Hills rock school students perform their favorite songs at live music venues such as Stillwater, the House of Blues, the Coach House and at smaller live shows on the professional stage at our rock school.

All of the equipment at our rock school for Laguna Hills students is top-of-the-line new and vintage gear. Our gear is the same new and vintage gear used by the pros and the students can use it all!

In addition to our monthly tuition, which includes the weekly lesson, weekly jam session and the live shows, we have several other classes to consider. For instance, we offer a class that teaches basic music theory, songwriting techniques and production. We also now offer an AP Music Theory class for our most advanced students. This class, taught by an instructor with a Ph.D. in music composition, will prepare students for the AP Music Theory exam.

While our goal is to foster a lifelong love of music, we also focus on the self-esteem of our students, and we want the kids and teens to feel at home at Los Rios Rock School. We encourage students to build lasting friendships, and we truly foster a family atmosphere at the school.

If you are searching for a Laguna Hills rock school, consider taking a tour of Los Rios Rock School’s state-of-the-art facilities. We are a few miles south of Laguna Hills in historic San Juan Capistrano at 32124 Paseo Adelanto.

Los Rios Rock School also has guitar lessons for Laguna Hills, drum lessons for Laguna Hills, music lessons for Laguna Hills, piano lessons for Laguna Hills and vocal lessons for Laguna Hills. Find out more today!

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