3 Reasons Why Your Child Needs Laguna Hills Vocal Lessons

If your household is filled with the music of your child or teen constantly singing, it might be time to consider Laguna Hills Vocal Lessons. There are many great reasons to consider enrolling your child in a music program, including the following.

1. Music Lessons Improve Vocal Range & Tone

While your child or teen might possess solid vocal skills, Laguna Hills vocal lessons can help a student improve their vocal tone as well as their vocal range. Our instructors also work with students to improve their performance skills, as well, which prepares them to take part in our live rock shows, which occur many times throughout the year.

2. Music Lessons Can Inspire A Lifelong Love Of Music

Leonard Cohen once said, “music is the emotional life of most people,” and we certainly agree. Music provides us with joy and solace, and as your child progresses with his or her vocal lessons, this will promote a love of music that will last a lifetime. While we teach using music that students love, we also introduce them to new artists and genres, expanding their musical knowledge and interests.

3. Music Students Perform Better In School

There have been many studies that have shown that music students tend to earn higher grades and perform better on tests than those who do not take part in a music education program. Additionally, practicing an instrument or practicing vocal skills also improves your child’s level of discipline and we provide many opportunities for live performances, which boosts self-confidence. We believe that music lessons can have a positive impact in many areas of life.

Laguna Hills vocal lessons

At Los Rios Rock School, we offer vocal lessons for Laguna Hills children and teenagers. However, our program is much different than other local music schools. For one thing, our monthly tuition includes a full, one-hour private lesson each week. Most schools provide only 30 to 45 minutes of instruction per week. We also allow students to split their lesson into two sections. For instance, if your child would like to learn how to play the flute or the drums as well as taking vocal lessons, we can accommodate this need.

Our instructors can provide expert vocal instruction as well as instruction in virtually any instrument. This includes all types of guitars as well as piano & keyboards, drums and much more. We also teach using whatever style of music your child truly enjoys, so they can learn to play or sing their favorite songs in no time at all. Students also have the opportunity to use all of our professional-quality new and vintage gear. They can learn to play using the same type of instruments as their favorite musicians.

In addition, your monthly tuition also includes participation in our Live Program. With this program, students are divided up into groups based upon ability. These groups meet weekly to practice set lists for upcoming live shows. Our live shows occur six to 12 times per year, and these performances are showcased at the best local rock venues, including the House of Blues, the Coach House and Stillwater. Students play the instruments and provide all of the vocals for these shows.

For students interested in writing and producing their own original music, we also offer songwriting classes and production classes. Each of our instructors is in a working band that has produced albums, so they can provide plenty of inspiration, support and advice. Our facility includes two professional recording studios, a full analog recording studio as well as a secondary digital studio, where students can produce their own original albums.

If you are interested in learning more about our vocal lessons for Laguna Hills kids and teens or wish to learn more about our entire program, give us a call today and we can set up a tour of our state-of-the-art facilities. We are located just minutes from Laguna Hills in downtown San Juan Capistrano.

Los Rios Rock School also has guitar lessons for Laguna Hills, drum lessons for Laguna Hills, music lessons for Laguna Hills, piano lessons for Laguna Hills and rock school for Laguna Hills. Find out more today!

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