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What kid doesn’t want to be a rock star? At our San Juan Capistrano rock school, we can make that dream a reality. Within just a few short weeks at Los Rios Rock School, your child or teen can learn to play an instrument and perform in a real rock band.

Your monthly tuition includes a weekly 60-minute private lesson with one of our San Juan Capistrano rock school instructors. Students also are organized into bands, practice during weekly jam sessions and then perform at local music venues such as The House of Blues, the Coach House and Stillwater, just to name a few. The weekly lesson, band practice sessions and the rock shows are all part of your tuition.

Our approach to music is a bit different than a traditional music school or typical classroom. We engage students with song-based lessons, quickly teaching them using music that they truly love. It’s hard to get enthusiastic playing Mary Had A Little Lamb over and over again, but what if you were able to play songs from The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Coldplay, U2, Taylor Swift or another favorite band or singer?

San Juan Capistrano rock school

The instructors at our San Juan Capistrano rock school can teach using any genre of music. This includes rock, pop, country, blues, bluegrass, jazz, classical or anything else a student loves. We also can teach a wide variety of instruments, including all types of guitars, drums, piano & keyboards, saxophone, clarinet, vocal lessons and much more. Each of our instructors is a professional musician with production and performance experience.

Along with the weekly lessons and band practice sessions, we also offer several specialized courses. Our Song Summit classes provide our San Juan Capistrano rock school students the opportunity to learn how to write and record their own songs, as well as learning basic music theory. We also offer an Advanced Placement Music Theory class that will help our dedicated musicians gain the knowledge they need to pass the AP Music Theory exam. Both of these classes are taught by a professional musician with a Ph.D. in Music Composition.

Beyond the lessons, our team of instructors is concerned with more than just teaching kids how to play an instrument or improve their vocal ability. Live performances build confidence and self-esteem in our students, and as they practice and get to know other students, they acquire friendships that can last a lifetime. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where students are comfortable, happy and enthusiastic about music. We want to instill a lifelong love of music in each and every Los Rios Rock School student.

To learn more, call our San Juan Capistrano rock school today and book a tour of our state-of-the-art facility. We are located in downtown San Juan Capistrano at 32124 Paseo Adelanto.

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