San Juan Capistrano Drum Lessons

If your child has ever dreamed of playing the drums in a rock band, that dream can come true at Los Rios Rock School. We offer drum lessons for San Juan Capistrano kids and teens, but we also offer a great deal more.

In addition to a weekly hour-long lesson with a professional drum instructor, each student can participate in an actual rock band. We group students into bands, rehearse and then the students perform at venues such as The House of Blues, Stillwater and the Coach House.

Our San Juan Capistrano drum students will be learning on the best, top-of-the-line equipment. Among our current equipment, we have eight complete handmade DW Collectors Series custom drum sets for our student lessons and performances. DW drums are used by Dave Grohl, Neil Peart, Joe Morello and many other notable drummers.

san juan capistrano drum lessons

Students also have the option of splitting their hour-long lesson and spending half of their time on the drums and the other half with another instrument or perhaps voice lessons. We offer lessons for every imaginable instrument, including all types of guitars, piano and keyboard, saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet and much more.

Each of our carefully screened instructors is part of an actual working band that has produced albums. Our instructors allow students to learn an instrument using whatever style of music they prefer. This includes everything from rock to country to blues to classical and anything else your child loves.

Our goal at Los Rios Rock School is to foster a lifelong love of music, as well as to encourage friendships among our students. If you have a child or teenager that would enjoy drum lessons and a true rock band experience, give us a call and set up a tour of our state-of-the-art facilities.

Los Rios Rock School also has music lessons for San Juan Capistrano, vocal lessons for San Juan Capistrano, piano lessons for San Juan Capistrano, guitar lessons for San Juan Capistrano, vocal lessons for San Juan Capistrano and rock school for San Juan Capistrano. Find out more today!

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