Who says that music lessons can’t be fun? If you’ve been searching for Tustin piano lessons, Los Rios Rock School offers an alternative to the traditional type of lessons that many students find dull and uninspiring. There are several reasons why we believe our piano lessons are a cut above the rest, including the following.

1. We Offer Student-Centered Lessons
We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to music education. What works with one student might not be the right method with another student. Your tuition includes a weekly, private 60-minute lesson with an expert instructor, and we teach using music your child or teen loves. We don’t assign them dull nursery songs to practice, but instead begin by teaching a student to play a favorite song. Within just a few lessons, they will be able to play something they love, and we find that this increases enthusiasm for lessons as well as for practicing.

Tustin piano lessons

During a lesson, we might spend the entire 60 minutes focused on piano, or the lesson might include 30 minutes of concentrated instruction, followed by a jam session in one of our rehearsal rooms. You also can opt to spend half of your lesson focused on piano skills and the other half on another instrument or perhaps vocal instruction. We can teach virtually any instrument, including all types of guitar, drums, clarinet, saxophone and much more, and we can teach using any genre of music your child enjoys, from classical to classic rock and everything in between.

2. Live Performances At Top Venues
Of course, what fun would Tustin piano lessons be if you didn’t get a chance to show off these new skills? Once your child or teen has spent a few weeks honing their piano technique, they will be ready for our unique Live Program. For this program, which is included with your monthly tuition, we organize students into groups, practice set lists during weekly jam sessions and perform these songs at rock shows throughout the year at some of Southern California’s best music venues. This includes performances at spots such as the Fonda Theater, the House of Blues and the Coach House, as well as music festivals and our own private stage, The Lobby.

3. A State-Of-The-Art Facility
Our facility is stocked with the best new and vintage music gear and students can use it all! We have professional-quality rehearsal rooms and two state-of-the-art production studios, one of which was designed by a Grammy Award-winning producer. Students can learn how to write, record and produce their own original music, and we have helped several of our student bands produce their first albums.

4. Building Friendships
At Los Rios Rock School, we offer far more than piano lessons for Tustin kids and teens. We provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for our students, encouraging them to make new friends. Many of our students will arrive early and stay after their lessons to enjoy hanging out with the friends they have made at our school. Not only will your child develop a lifelong love of music, they also forge lasting friendships.

So, if you’ve been searching for Tustin piano lessons, but haven’t yet found a facility that offers the experience your child or teen will enjoy at Los Rios Rock School, give us a call and we can set up a tour and provide you with more information about our music school. We are located just off the I-5 in downtown San Juan Capistrano at 32124 Paseo Adelanto.

Los Rios Rock School also has music lessons for Tustin and vocal lessons for Tustin. Find out more today!

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