Re-opening Monday!

After careful consideration and talking with the city of San Juan Capistrano we are excited to say our facility is ready to start up in person lessons again this Monday, June 1st. Due to the size of our awesome buildings and current technology we can practice distance learning at 8 to 10 feet away as we inch our way back to normal.

REHEARSALS STARTING AGAIN the weekend of June 6th!

Rehearsal schedules and rehearsal safety protocols will be released by Tuesday. So standby for an update from our own Live Program Director, Spencer Askin.

We have missed seeing you all so very much and can’t wait to get started! We are confident that the whole Los Rios Rock School community will be caring and respectful of each other’s safety.

Please read our protocols below and we’ll see you next week!

Please Note: You also have the option to stay home and take your lesson virtually if you are not quite ready to come in.

We want to say thank you to our amazing community of families, students and staff for creatively keeping the LRRS dream alive through the crisis. We love you all!

Yours Truly,

Los Rios Rock School Staff

In-Person Lessons Guidelines

  1. Masks: Masks are recommended for all in person lessons. We have sanitizer on site but also recommend you bring some too!
  2. Lesson schedules are subject to change to accommodate all teachers/students in a live room or on the stage so we can practice 8 to 10 foot social distancing with ease. Drum instructors’ schedules won’t be adjusted, their studios are large enough.
  3. Lessons will end 5 minutes early so that instructors have time to clean their space.
  4. Virtual Lessons are still an option. If you prefer a virtual lesson please message your teacher in TeacherZone and let them know.
  5. Drop- off: Only students allowed in and out of the building. Drop-off outside and pick-up outside.
  6. Instrumentalists: LRRS will not be providing any picks, guitars, drumsticks, etc. Please bring your own! (Pianos and drums will be wiped down after every use.)
  7. Vocalists: all vocalists will need to bring their own microphones to rehearsals. Mics will be required for private lessons only if your student would like to use one.

    Here is what we recommend:

School Cleanliness

  1. The school is deep-cleaned every Sunday.
  2. The school will be cleaned by every teacher in their own area after every lesson.
  3. Hand sanitizer is provided in both buildings.
  4. Bathrooms will be sanitized after every use.


If your student is sick or someone in your family is sick, they must stay home from their scheduled lesson.

LRRS offers virtual lesson options for those students who are unable to make it into the school due to illness.

We trust each family to take these precautions seriously.

We expect each family to know the symptoms and to screen students accordingly.

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