A wise man once said, “Music can change the world because it can change people.” At Los Rios Rock School, we see the positive impact music can make every single day. Music can make people happier, less stressed out and even perform better in school. Our piano lessons for Ladera Ranch kids and teens can be the perfect way to install a lifelong love of music in your child. Here’s a brief look at our innovative music program.

Piano Lessons & More
We believe that Ladera Ranch piano lessons should be a blast. Learning should be fun, and music lessons are no exception. In order to increase enthusiasm, we allow the students to learn using music that they truly love. Our professional instructors can teach using virtually any genre of music that your child enjoys including rock, pop, blues, country, classical and more.

Ladera Ranch piano lessons

Imagine how much more fun practicing would be if you actually enjoyed the music you were playing. We use a song-based teaching method that has students playing a favorite song after just a few lessons. Instead of learning “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” they can learn how to play songs they really enjoy.

Your monthly tuition includes a weekly, 60-minute private lesson. In addition to providing Ladera Ranch piano lessons, we also can teach all types of guitar, drums, saxophone, clarinet, vocal lessons and more. If your child is interested in learning multiple instruments, we allow them to split their lesson and spend half of the time with piano and the other half learning drums, guitar, voice or whatever they want.

Live Performances
What would be the fun of learning how to jam on the piano without having any opportunity to showcase these skills? In addition to allowing students to direct the type of music they use during lessons, we believe that live performances also boost their enthusiasm and keep them excited about improving their skills and practicing.

Throughout the year, our students perform live rock shows at some of the best venues in the area. This includes the Coach House, the House of Blues, the Fonda Theater and more. We organize the students into groups, let them develop set lists for upcoming shows and then practice during weekly jam sessions. Shows are held throughout the year, and some include a specific theme, while others include a myriad of genres and artists, including some original music created by our Los Rios Rock School students.

Our most advanced musicians are welcome to audition for our Classic Album Series concerts. During these shows, students perform an entire classic album, such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Fleetwood Mac’ Rumours, Queen’s A Day at the Races and albums by Van Halen, the Beatles, Aerosmith and more. Both the weekly lessons and participation in our Live Program are included in the monthly tuition.

Additional Classes & Offerings
At Los Rios Rock School, students can learn to play an instrument, write their own original music and how to record and produce this music. Our facility boasts not one, but two, professional recording studios. Our facility also is stocked with the highest quality new and vintage gear, and the kids can use it all! We offer songwriting and production workshops through our Artist Program, which provides students with opportunities far beyond basic Ladera Ranch piano lessons.

In addition to piano lessons for Ladera Ranch kids and teens, we also offer an AP Music Theory class for our advanced high school students. We are an accredited music school and this course is taught by our Director of Curriculum, who has a Ph.D. in Music Composition.

If you need a great summer activity, we also offer summer rock camps that include jam sessions, workshops, games and much more, and each week wraps up with a live show on our private rock school stage, The Lobby.

Whether your child wants Ladera Ranch piano lessons to enjoy as a lifelong hobby or perhaps might want to make music their future career, we can provide lessons that engage and inspire. To schedule a tour of our facilities, give us a call at (949) 456-1081. We are located conveniently close to Ladera Ranch in downtown San Juan Capistrano at 32124 Paseo Adelanto.

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