Guitar Lessons Laguna Niguel: Instruction, Live Performances & More

Many kids dream about growing up and playing guitar in a band, but what if your child or teen could play guitar in a live rock show just a few months from now? At Los Rios Rock School we can provide guitar lessons for Laguna Niguel students and make their rock dreams come true.

Your monthly tuition at Los Rios Rock School includes a 60-minute lesson each week and weekly jam sessions with other student musicians. We organize the kids into bands based upon ability, they practice each week and then perform at live rock shows. These shows are held either at the rock school or at popular local spots such as the House of Blues, the Coach House and Stillwater.

For those needing guitar lessons in Laguna Niguel, we offer electric guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons and acoustic guitar lessons. The students can even learn to play the ukulele if they wish. In addition, we can teach virtually any other instrument, including piano or keyboards, drums, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet and much more. We also offer music theory lessons, voice lessons and songwriting classes and workshops.

guitar lessons for Laguna Niguel

The guitar lessons for Laguna Niguel kids and teens also can be split into two portions. A student might spend half of the lesson working on clarinet skills and the other have working on guitar skills. You also could split your lesson between voice and guitar lessons or drums and guitar; it’s all up to you!

We also find greater success when we teach using the music that your child really enjoys. Our quality instructors can teach using any genre or style of music, including, but not limited to jazz, rock, bluegrass, country, pop, classical, R&B or whatever ever songs and styles of music a student loves.

Each of our instructors is a professional musician in a working band that has produced albums. Not only do our instructors know how to teach everything from guitar to drums to saxophone, they also have performance and production experience. In this way we offer much more than a typical guitar lesson in Laguna Niguel. Our facility is filled with the best quality, state-of-the-art equipment. Your child or teen can learn how to set up for a show or produce his or her own original music.

If this sounds like something that would interest your teen or child, contact us today and we will set up a time for a tour. We are located in downtown San Juan Capistrano just a few miles from Laguna Niguel.

Los Rios Rock School also has piano lessons for Laguna Niguel, drum lessons for Laguna Niguel, vocal lessons for Laguna Niguel, music camp for Laguna Niguel, music lessons for Laguna Niguel and rock school for Laguna Niguel. Find out more today!

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