Ladera Ranch Drum Lessons For Teens & Children

For those searching for drum lessons in Ladera Ranch, Los Rios Rock School might be just what you need. Our drum lessons include much more than a weekly lesson; we offer a complete rock band experience for teens and kids.

You will enjoy a weekly lesson, of course, and our tuition includes a full, 60-minute lesson. Most music schools tend to offer 30- or 45-minute lessons. In addition to the weekly lesson, we place the kids into bands, rehearse and then perform live rock shows at fantastic venues such as The House of Blues, The Coach House and Stillwater, just to name a few.

drum lessons in Ladera Ranch

Our facility is filled with the best, state-of-the-art music equipment and the kids can use it all! During drum lessons, your child or teen will learn using some of the best drums available in the world. We have eight sets of handmade DW Collectors Series drums. DW drums are known throughout the music industry and used by notable drummers such as Neil Peart, Nick Mason, Dave Grohl and Scott Phillips.

In addition to drum lessons, your child can split their lesson and learn an additional instrument or skill, such as theory, songwriting or voice lessons. We can teach just about any instrument, including drums, keyboards & piano, all types of guitar, organ, clarinet, flute, saxophones and more. Our elite instructors can teach using any style of music, such as rock, folk, blues, country, pop, classical or whatever the student truly loves.

We are located only a few miles from Ladera Ranch in San Juan Capistrano. If you need Ladera Ranch drum lessons, call us and we will set up a time for a tour of Los Rios Rock School.

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