Rock Out With Guitar Lessons For Rancho Santa Margarita Kids & Teens

If you have a budding Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton in your midst, it might be wise to think about Rancho Santa Margarita guitar lessons. At Los Rios Rock School, we offer guitar lessons with a special twist – a true rock band experience.

Students at our rock school not only learn how to play an instrument, they apply those skills during our live rock shows. These rock shows take place at top local venues such as the House of Blues, Stillwater and the Coach House, as well as at The Lobby, the main stage at our state-of-the-art facility.

Rancho Santa Margarita guitar lessons

For students who want guitar lessons in Rancho Santa Margarita, our qualified instructors can teach virtually any type of guitar including acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar and even instruments such as a ukulele or a banjo.

Our song-based and performance-based approach to teaching, allows students to learn using their favorite songs and favorite musical genres. Our instructors can teach using virtually any style of music including rock, country, bluegrass, pop, funk, soul, R&B, jazz, classical or any other genre your child truly loves. After just a few Rancho Santa Margarita guitar lessons, your child or teen will be able to play an entire song and quickly progress to our live program, where they will be able to showcase their skills on stage.

You might find, as you search for Rancho Santa Margarita guitar lessons, that most music schools offer weekly half-hour or perhaps 45-minute lessons. At Los Rios Rock School, your monthly tuition includes a full, 60-minute lesson with one of our professional instructors.

In addition to guitar lessons for Rancho Santa Margarita students, we also can teach many other instruments, including piano, keyboards, organ, trumpet, saxophone, flute, clarinet and drums. Our instructors also can teach music theory, sight reading, songwriting and vocal instruction. Many students set up combination lessons, where they might spend half of a lesson working on guitar skills and the remainder of the lesson on another instruments or perhaps voice lessons.

Your monthly tuition not only includes the weekly guitar lessons for Rancho Santa Margarita students, but the rock band experience as well. We organize the students into groups based upon ability and create set lists filled with music the kids love. We practice during weekly jam sessions and then perform shows about six to 12 times during the year. All of this – the private lessons, the practice sessions & the rock shows – are included in the monthly tuition.

We also have several other exciting programs for our students, including songwriting classes, music production classes, summer camps and even an AP Music Theory class. This class, led by an instructor with a Ph.D. in music competition, is for our most advanced students and helps them to prepare for the AP Music Theory exam.

If you would like learn more about our music program or have questions about our guitar lessons for Ranch Santa Margarita teens and kids, give us a call or fill out our online contact form and we can set up a tour of our facilities. We are located at 32124 Paseo Adelanto in historic San Juan Capistrano.

Los Rios Rock School also has voice lessons for Rancho Santa Margarita, piano lessons for Rancho Santa Margarita, drum lessons for Rancho Santa Margarita, music lessons for Rancho Santa Margarita, vocal lessons for Rancho Santa Margarita and vocal lessons for Rancho Santa Margarita. Find out more today!

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