Unique Music Lessons For Rancho Santa Margarita Students

Too often, music lessons don’t really motivate students to stick with an instrument. At Los Rios Rock School, our goal is to provide music lessons for Rancho Santa Margarita kids and teens that truly foster a lifelong love of music. Our song-based teaching methods combined with a unique rock band experience inspire students and keeps them interested in continuing their music education.

Our monthly tuition for Ranch Santa Margarita music lessons includes more than what you’ll find at other music schools. Not only will your child or teen enjoy a weekly, 60-minute private lesson, students also are organized into groups and perform live rock shows at top venues such as Stillwater, the Coach House, the House of Blues and The Lobby to name a few.

The Lessons

Ranch Santa Margarita music lessons

At Los Rios Rock School, we go beyond the typical 30- or 45-minute weekly lesson you might find when searching for Rancho Santa Margarita music lessons. Our experienced instructors provide a full hour of private lessons each week. This provides us with the time needed to develop essential music skills. Each of our instructors is versed in multiple instruments, and we can teach electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, piano, organ, keyboards, saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet and much more. In addition, we can teach sight reading, music theory and, of course, vocal instruction.

Our music lessons are structured a bit differently than traditional music lessons. We use a song-based approach to instruction. This means that students learn using songs that they love and after just a few lessons, they will be able to play a favorite song. We believe that Rancho Santa Margarita music lessons should be fun, and learning how to play your favorite music definitely increases enthusiasm for both lessons and practicing.

Many of our students enjoy combination lessons, such as spending half of their weekly Rancho Santa Margarita music lessons working on the piano and the other half on vocal instruction. Of course, students are welcome to select any combination they like, perhaps drums and acoustic guitar or maybe saxophone and piano. Our instructors also can teach using any genre of music, including pop, rock, bluegrass, rockabilly, jazz, country, R&B, funk, ska and much more.

The Shows

We perform live shows about six to 12 times per year, and students prepare for upcoming shows during weekly practice sessions. The private lessons, weekly band practice sessions and the shows are all included in the monthly fees. Students are organized into groups based upon ability and experience level and then the students and instructors work to create set lists. Sometimes these set lists include a wide variety of artists and genres of music (including original songs written by our students), and sometimes there is a theme.

For instance, we have host an annual live Halloween rock show at our state-of-the-art facility. Our Classic Album Series also has been highly popular. The students practice, prepare and perform a famous album in its entirety. To date, we have selected some of the greatest albums ever recorded including “Abbey Road,” “Led Zeppelin II,” and Queen’s “A Day At The Races.”

Additional Classes/Offerings

In addition to general music lessons for Rancho Santa Margarita students, we also offer songwriting classes, production workshops and an AP Music Theory class. This class, taught by an instructor with a Ph.D. in music composition, will prepare students for the rigorous AP Music Theory exam and is open to our most experienced students.

In addition to music lessons for Rancho Santa Margarita teens and kids, we host several summer rock camps which include music instruction, songwriting workshops, production workshops and much more. Our facility is filled with the highest quality vintage and new equipment and instruments, and the students can use it all!

The Rock School Experience

Beyond Rancho Santa Margarita music lessons and the live shows, our students forge lifelong friendships during their years at Los Rios Rock School. We have created a welcoming, accepting atmosphere where the kids truly feel at home. Many students come early to lessons or stay late just to hang out with friends and socialize.

If you are interested in learning more about our music lessons for Rancho Margarita students or students from anywhere in Orange County, give us a call today. We can set up a tour of our facilities and provide you with more information about our programs.

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